Meet Suzanne Gene Courtney

Suzanne Gene (Davis) Courtney has enjoyed a teaching career of nearly 30 years. Coming from a family of educators, Suzanne has always wanted to teach.

She has raised three wonderful children: Laura, Daniel, and Gregg. Laura and Gregg now reside in Austin, TX. Daniel passed away suddenly in 1997 in Hawaii, his birthplace.

Suffering from a broken heart, Suzanne began to write. Her first manuscript, which later became Ride to the Stars, was actually discussed with Daniel, not knowing at the time how the story would end.

Helping Her Community:

Two of her books, Florence Flies Alone and Rainfrog, were written for teaching in the elementary classroom and were based on actual experiences. Now living in Austin, TX, Suzanne continues to share these books with children.

The other four books were written to help parents and children who struggle with grief and hopelessness after losing a loved one. Suzanne donates many books to those in need and to area funeral homes, and sells them at various Book Fairs in Texas.

Being a Reiki Master Therapist and Grief Coach also enables Suzanne to reach and help many people. She works in person and long-distance and can be reached using the Contact Page.