Through the Eyes of a Dove: A Book for Bereaved Parents

The tragic, sudden death of their 25-year-old son left the Courtney and Sayre families devastated. Grief-stricken and searching for answers, his parents, siblings, other family members and friends began having experiences that they first passed off as coincidences. However, the more they shared with each other, the more they knew that the journey toward understanding had just begun. Suzanne Gene Courtney chronicles her family’s path through the darkness to peace and on to acceptance, in the hope that it will help other newly bereaved parents. Through the Eyes of a Dove is a source of solace in times of sorrow, one that can help the grieving to grow, trust, believe and learn to live with their child in spirit. Author Suzanne Gene Courtney is a writer and elementary school teacher. She has taught arts and sciences, and has worked as a travel assistant. She lives with her family in Monroe, Michigan.

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