Florence Flies Alone: An Alliterative Airline Adventure

Florence Flies Alone: An Alliterative Airline Adventure follows the adventures of Florence, a vivacious and outgoing nine-year-old, who is flying by herself for the first time. Her story includes the funny and sometimes thought-provoking experiences that happen on her trip to see her father. Forced to problem solve during the flight, she reflects on what she needs to do. The story is loaded with alliterative phrases and rhyme, making it not only educational, but a humorous read. At the end, Florence is pleased with herself and seems to stand a bit taller. Children who have flown before will be able to relate to Florence. Children who have not flown before will learn about airline terminals and the inside of an airplane. Florence Flies Alone is a children’s adventure that really soars! Suzanne Gene Courtney lives in Monroe, Michigan. “Remembering the funny things that have happened to me or my children when traveling alone motivated me to write this book. My two grown children live in Austin, and I wanted to include a little Texas culture. As a former elementary teacher, I know the frustrations and challenges involved in the teaching of reading and writing, so I included a lot of alliteration to be used as examples in the classroom.”

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