Dear Diary: My Brother Died Today

A seven-year-old girl records the sudden death of her beloved older brother by writing her personal feelings in her diary. In her own innocent way, she tells about being able to see him when no one else can. She embraces this ability and is not afraid. Throughout this tender book, the little girl relates her experiences in feeling her brother’s nearness, even when she cannot see him anymore. In her own trusting way, she knows that everything will be all right, and through her honest feelings, she is able to help her parents cope with their loss. She also learns about angels and knows that her brother is safe. Dear Diary: My Brother Died Today is the third in a trilogy about the circle of life. The story enables children to perceive the life in heaven that awaits them. Although fictional, the story’s events could actually happen. Suzanne Gene Courtney wrote this children’s story to fulfill a need. Even though children are innately trusting, they sometimes worry when a loved one dies. “Since my son’s passing in 1997, our family has received numerous messages from Christian mediums to help us gain knowledge about life on the other side. We continually receive great peace and clarity from our glimpses into Heaven, and through the guidance of our angels, we are leading positive, happy lives.” She lives in Monroe, Michigan.

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