Child of Many

In the historical narrative/memoir Child of Many, the author traces the lives of her paternal great-great-grandparents, Winifred and Captain Moses Davis, during the American Civil War, and her maternal Eastman lineage starting with the arrivals of the Mayflower and Confidence, bringing both lines to the present day.

History buffs will identify with some of the events and famous relatives mentioned. The merging of the Davis and Eastman lines not only presents a fascinating view of the past, but also shows how connected we are through time and space. Readers may even be encouraged to discover their own heritage.

Child of Many merges two family lineages through the founding of this country amid battles, conflict, and hardship, while weaving the intricacies of DNA-related traits, gifts, and characteristics inherited through the author’s ancestry. Her ancestors, named and unnamed, served their country well in the military, law, medicine, education, government positions, science and industry, and more. In researching those who came before, the author better understands her own presence in today’s world as she continues her healing from grief and fear.

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