The Andromeda Incident Series by R. J. DeNardo

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The Andromeda Incident is a sci-fi fantasy novel about the disconcerted and mixed-up life of Emrys Myrddin Calyx, his adventures and misadventures in the twelfth and twenty-first centuries.

It describes how Emrys is born aboard the Starship Americus, to a weak-willed and somewhat frail Earthling father and a compassionate, black panther-like humanoid Myrddissian mother.

It also explicitly depicts how he, Emrys, is experimentally created double-sexed, a bio-genetic mutation allowing those born “that way,” to change sexes via a simple telepathic command. And how, despite being born that particular way, Emrys still experiences a very fulfilling and adventurous life.

By reading The Andromeda Incident, you too can travel along with Emrys on his adventures and misadventures throughout the universe via a time/space continuum device, as he visits the devastated planets of Mars and Earth, just before their human and alien-caused cataclysmic events take place.  View Press Release

R. J. DeNardo is a new tour de force, upcoming author.” – Terry Lee Palmer, Artist

The Captain’s Propensity: The Andromeda Incident II978-1-62516-343-1-RJDeNardoCover

The sci-fi fantasy novel The Captain’s Propensity tells the amazing story of the sometimes buffoonish, former United League of Planets Captain Robert Michael Calyx and his adventures -and misadventures – in the fortieth century.

This once venerable but now decommissioned captain is presumably just along for the ride aboard the Starship Americus III, a newly upgraded, powerful, and swift tachyon-driven starship that’s capable of traveling one thousand times the speed of light.

Americus III is on its maiden voyage to the planetary system of Rigel, a most bewildering star located in the constellation Orion. The trip will take the starship 860 light years from the United League of Planets’ humongous Star-Station, Earth II, which asynchronously orbits high above the extremely polluted and dying planet Earth.

Holy Jeranian Cow! Find out what’s in store for the captain, the extraterrestrial beings he meets, and more importantly, for planet Earth in this mixed-up tale of adventure and wittiness. View Press Release.

Out of Chaos Comes Hope! The Andromeda Incident III

DeNardo-Cover-WebOut of Chaos Comes Hope is a sci-fi fantasy novel about the somewhat buffoonish and former United League of Planets’ Captain, Robert Michael Calyx, his adventures and misadventures, not only upon prehistoric/futuristic Earth, but also on other planets scattered throughout various nearby and faraway galaxies, as well.

This adventuresome story further goes on to describe how Robie, a now highly sought after and wanted fugitive by the United League of Planets and the Aurelian Empire, is transported back to Earth through time and space with the help of his alien cohorts and with the use of a Myrddissian Time and Space Continuum Device, some 800,000 years. Yes, onto the ancient and fabled continent of Atlantis, where he, Robie, with the assistance of the Atlantean high priests, the ruling class, and their greatly advanced and alien-provided technology, he is able to begin, once again, his extensive and sometimes fraught with danger, search for his missing father, Emrys Myrddin Calyx. View Press Release.