Books by Kenneth Rogers Jr.

New Release

How to Unite Your Inner Lanterns
How to Slow Your Inner Flash
How to Save Your Inner Wonder Woman
How to Master Your Inner Superman
How to Kill Your Batman
Chronicles of the Last Liturian: Book Three, Infinite Truths & Impossible Lies
Heroes, Villains, and Healing
Chronicles of the Last Liturian: Book Two: Love and Fear
Raped Black Male
Chronicles of the Last Liturian: Book 1 - The Diary of Oliver Lee
Writing in the Margins

About the Author

A native of Peoria, Illinois, award-winning author Kenneth Rogers, Jr. is a secondary English teacher who currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. “After writing my self-help book, Heroes, Villains, and Healing, I realized there was still more that could be written to help other male survivors. Each comic character (whether hero or villain) could be used to focus on a specific trauma to help other survivors.”

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