Women Who Wrote for Their Lives: The Healing Power of Creative Writing

Women Who Wrote for Their Lives: The Healing Power of Creative Writing was inspired by author Janet Frame, the late New Zealand writer who penned novels, poetry, and short stories, as well as her own powerful autobiography.

Frame’s dramatic personal history included years of psychiatric hospitalization. Born in 1924, Frame passed away in 2004. During her early life, patients with severe mental health issues received what today would be considered grim treatment. Days before the author was scheduled for a lobotomy, the procedure was cancelled when her first book of short stories won a national literary prize.

Author and retired psychiatrist Kenneth Bragan realizes how powerful writing can be as a therapeutic tool. He says, “Starting with Janet Frame’s remarkable recovery to become a writer of international repute after having spent many years in mental hospitals, I went on to find four other well-known writers who had to keep mental suffering at bay through writing.”

He explores The Healing Power of Creative Writing from a psychiatric perspective in his book.

“[This book] is a stunning exploration of the intersection of mental health and the arts. Author Kenneth Bragan presents a rigorous analysis of the work and lives of five eminent female authors, demonstrating how their creative processes both reflected and helped alleviate the struggles of their mental illnesses. From Frame to Woolf to du Maurier, Bragan argues…that literary history presents us with unique strategies for betterment…allowing agency and expression to guide us therapeutically to a better understanding of the self… [it is] essential reading for anyone looking for a creative approach to betterment.” – Charles Asher, reviewer

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