Books by Glynis Bloomfield

Jake’s Secret

Everybody has secrets, but in this magical children’s story, Jake’s Secret is extra special.

Jake is a nine-year-old boy who lives in a small town in Australia. Having fallen from a tree, he is recuperating at home with a broken leg. Spending six weeks in a plaster cast makes Jake feel very lonely and bored. Then he remembers Chadwick, the friendly elf whom he once met.

Chadwick wears very colorful Aussie clothes, and with his round and cheery yellow face and protruding pointy ears, Chadwick makes for an unforgettable sight! In fact, Chadwick is Jake’s Secret.

When Jake first made friends with Chadwick, he was teased by the other kids, so he ignored the elf and forgot all about him. But now that Jake is all alone, Chadwick reappears and explains that they can communicate with their thoughts. He reminds Jake of the magic purple powder that Jake was given by a strange woman down the street. When he takes a spoonful of the powder, Jake shrinks to the size of Chadwick.

Jake, along with his unlikely group of friends including his best friend, Sam, as well as the annoying girl down the street, a bully and the class nerd all take the powder and go off on adventures with the elf. Meanwhile, the kids discover that the powder has some strange side effects: it gives you super powers!

This wonderful children’s book takes Jake and his friends on extraordinary adventures. But you mustn’t tell anyone Jake’s Secret! View the Press Release.

Lara Long Legs

It’s cleaning day in a little cottage by the sea and Lara, a Daddy Long Legs spider, finds herself racing for her life from room to room, trying to escape Mrs. Mac and her vacuum cleaner. Unable to curl up and hide like other creatures, poor Lara has to use her long legs to run!

Lara is sucked into the vacuum hose and dumped in a pile of dirt. What happy surprise will she find there? Lara Long Legs is a delightful adventure for the whole family, sure to be read again and again.

jakeandthepb'sJake and the PB’s

Set in a small Australian farming town on the edge of a national park, Jake and the PB’s is an exciting tale of adventure for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years. A sequel to the ever-popular Jake’s Secret, the book tells the story of Jake and his best mate, Sam, Ricky, the class nerd, Tom, the school bully, and Janey, the girl next door; a group of ordinary kids with extraordinary super-powers.

Joined by their friend Chadwick, a colorful magic elf with a large, round, yellow face, Jake and his “PB’s” take magical powder that shrinks them in size, allowing them to fit inside a hovering, flying car that travels back and forth through time. Dedicated to the motto “Protect and Assist,” the group of friends travels forward in time in an effort to save a habitat of koalas that are at risk from a local farmer who wants to clear his land.

Discover what other exciting adventures await Jake and his friends, as they career through time, trying to return to their own era, before the effects of the magical powder wear off!

Bloomfield Cover WebWho Will Play With Molly-May?

In this fun little picture story book set in Australia, young Molly-May can’t find anyone to play with. Each day she gets up early and asks someone to play, but always ends up playing by herself.

She asks her cousin and then various animals. She approaches a koala, a cassowary, a possum, and a lorikeet, but no one wants to play.

On Saturday, everyone agrees to play and they have a lot of fun together. But on Sunday, when the others want to play, Molly-May is tired and she sleeps in and doesn’t want to get out of bed!


Bloomfield Cover WebYou ARE Special, Jethro!     

Jethro is a little pony who feels useless, because all the other horses at Peter’s Pony Farm are ridden every day, but no one wants to ride him. The other animals, Chicken, Lamb and Cow, all tell him that he is special, but Jethro disagrees and has little self-esteem.

Until one day, a little neighbour girl named Jennifer starts to visit him. Peter, the owner of the pony farm, asks if she wants to ride Jethro, and he finally gets ridden! Then other children want to ride Jethro too and he realises that he is special after all.

The idea for this story came when co-author Glynis Bloomfield saw a pony on a cold, wet day looking sad and alone in a paddock.  After her granddaughter, Tiana Torres-Thomas, visited a pony farm, You ARE Special, Jethro! was born.

This is Tiana’s first book and Glynis’ fifth book.

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