Books by Todor Bombov

Of Rats and Men, The Last Man’s War

todor coverIn 1990 a message appears in the press that the Moscow’s subway basements are conquered by enormous fierce rats.€ Fourty years later a high-tech’s man wages war on these primitive hairy monsters, which become the new dominating species on the Earth! This war has other one, a new, unknown face, an interspecies war. A war, already not only between human beings. A war of the worlds. It is the last war on the Earth! These gigantic rats are product of mutations.

The ordinary grey rats from the urban undergrounds and sewerages have been exposed imperceptibly on the combined influence of the super increased radiation from the numerous consecutive nuclear power station accidents, the powerful electromagnetic fields above the cities and the use of all sorts of toxic chemical substances and preparations. As a result of these mutations the ordinary rats’ bodies have changed and rats look like sheep, with a huge and hairy torso from robust, well-developed muscles, building stocky mass with weight 100-120 pounds. They have improbable physical strength. But the most improbable is their intellect! The TV broadcasting of the wars is in fashion. However, two cold, unmeaning eyes are gazing at the TV monitor too, but with no trace of emotion. A deus ex machina story!

Read ‘Of Rats and Men’ at your own risk — and delight in the shivering fears Bombov projects from his pages to your mind.” – Pamela Jaye Smith

Socialism Is Dead! Long Live Socialism! The Marx Code-Socialism with a Human Face (a New World Order)

This work is divided into two autonomous books. The first book, The State, represents a radically new political system of society, one which is the most democratic system ever possible! This is a completely new society, a real civil society, which otherwise in the capitalist system is only a utopia. In this book, I scrutinize the principles of scientific socialism; i.e., all those principles of Marxism concerning the state that build socialism as a political system. The second book, The Economic Theory of Socialism, is a sequel, and as far as I know, the only sequel of the greatest work by Karl Marx – Capital. The economics of socialism makes Marx’s socialism already completely possible. In this book, I scrutinize the economic laws that build socialism as a more effective economic system than capitalism. These laws are extracted from Marx’s main work – Capital. From 1917 to 1991, the totalitarian system in USSR and East Europe was called socialism, and even by the scientific nonsense and absurd names of communism and communist system. In this system, the official ideology was allegedly Marxism, but really it could not endure any Marxist criticism. There was never any socialism anywhere! In the twentieth century, we passed through a system of utopian socialism as proof that this was not socialism that was not possible, but for the utopia of writers before and after Marx. We were visited by a utopian socialism, which at the contemporary stage is simply capitalism – state, monopolistic. There is no better application of Keynes’s doctrine than the “socialism” of the twentieth century. His “planned capitalism” is actually “planned socialism.” Todor Bombov lives in Varna, Bulgaria, the town called the pearl of Black Sea.