Novels by Carl J. Barger

Sons of War: A Civil War Saga

Sons of War is an epic tale of a family who immigrated to America from Wurttemberg, Germany in the 1770s.

In 1859, the descendants lived on a one-hundred-acre farm in Moniteau County, Missouri. In the early 1860s, the nation was divided by the Civil War and three sons of the family joined the Missouri 26th Infantry. Their triumphs and hardships were shared with family and loved ones through letters from the battlefields of a war-torn nation.

Sons of War gives insight into what it was like to be a pioneer – their struggles, their successes and failures, their abiding religious convictions – and their dedication in fighting for what they believed.

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Carl J. Barger, a retired public-school superintendent, lives in Conway, Arkansas. He is the author of Swords and Plowshares; Mamie, An Ozark Mountain Girl of Courage; Cleburne County and Its People, Vol. I and II; Dark Clouds over Alabama and its sequel, Blues Skies of El Dorado; and Arkansas Hillbilly, One Man’s Memoir of a Blessed Life. “I love to write about the Civil War. I was inspired to write this novel because of my grandfather James A. Barger’s Civil War record. I have all of his battle records.”

Dark Clouds Over Alabama

978-1-62516-012-6-CBargerCoverWhat color is love? Dark Clouds Over Alabama is a powerful love story filled with hope, commitment, politics, tragedy, and triumph in the Old South. It is also a must read for fans of historical fiction and anyone interested in this fascinating chapter of American history.

The story takes place in 1853 at Twin Oaks Plantation in central Alabama. The Civil War is still years off, but the struggles over the immorality of slavery have long taken root. Twenty-one-year-old Obadiah Bradford’s life is transformed when he accompanies his father to purchase a new household servant in nearby Selma. The young man is deeply affected by his immediate attraction and intense feelings for Penelope, the beautiful mulatto daughter of his family’s new servant.

Dark Clouds Over Alabama is the heart-wrenching story of Obadiah, his forbidden love for Penelope, the struggle over the issue of slavery, his service in the Confederate Army medical corps, and how he overcomes every challenge by adhering to his values, Christian beliefs, and deep faith in God. This beautifully crafted novel is truly A Story of Struggles and Triumph in the Old South. View the Press Release

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Blue Skies of El Dorado

BargerCVWebBlue Skies of El Dorado tells the poignant Civil War love story of Obadiah Bradford and his beautiful slave of mixed blood, Penelope. Their tale began in the first book of the series, Dark Clouds over Alabama.

To escape the stigma of hate and prejudice, Obadiah and Penelope marry and move away from Alabama with their mothers and several slaves to El Dorado, Arkansas.

They purchase a 600-acre plantation named Three Oaks, situated a few miles from El Dorado in Southwest Arkansas. In this quiet, peaceful town, Obadiah opens up a medical practice and becomes the town’s beloved doctor.

Under the Blue Skies of El Dorado, Obadiah and Penelope’s love blossoms, their family grows, the Civil War ends, and freedom comes to slaves in the South.

Obadiah’s Christian beliefs and his deep faith in God see him through the troubled times.

The novel presents love and hope in the best definition as it deals with tragedy and triumph in the Old South. Blue Skies is a must-read for anyone interested in this fascinating chapter of American history.

Arkansas Hillbilly : One Man’s Memoir of a Blessed Life

unnamed (2)Arkansas Hillbilly is the account of a country boy’s experiences growing up in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Cleburne County, Arkansas. The story will make you laugh and cry, and it will certainly warm your heart.

Author Carl J. Barger shares his memories of the hard times as well as the good. He tells about the struggles of a migrant family of thirteen who survive the Great Depression through hard work and faith. He describes his inward drive to rise above poverty, succeed as a school administrator, and be a good husband, father, and provider.

This touching story spans the early 1900s to present day, as Barger shares what kept him motivated to achieve his goals and dreams of a better life. He details his roles as a husband, and the father of one biological child and two adopted children.

The memoir includes the author’s successful search in finding his children’s biological parents. Barger credits his relationship with God as the number one reason for a life of blessings. He considers his story a blessing of God and a story that needed to be told.