The Poetry of Life II by Walter N. Davenport Jr.

Davenport-coverPoetry can evoke many feelings. It can also ask questions and provide answers. Sometimes it can even change the world. The Poetry of Life II is sometimes emotional and sometimes playful. It is a book about everyday occurrences, such as love, relationships, hunger, poverty, war, nature, and death.

Nature, a mysterious power in the poems “Cry of the Ancients” and “O’Moon,” contains secrets of Mother Earth. The poems “Hope,” “Faith,” and “Paradise Lost” reminds us that no matter how bad things are, no matter what humanity does, there is always hope for the “Salvation of Humankind.”

The poem “Memory” describes lovers separated by time and distance, while their love remains strong. The poems “Lover’s Prayer,” “Lover’s Thanks,” “Lover’s Questions,” “Response,” and “Soulmate,” describe the openness between two lovers. “Celestial” tells of a love that is unattainable.

Says the author, “In my poetry, I, the writer, search for answers to life’s questions.”

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