To Cognize the Obviousness: Non Trivial Outlook on Evolution

by Vladlen V.K.

978-1-62212-769-6-VladlenVKCoverAbout the Book

Probably there is no man in the world, who sooner or later hasn’t asked himself the questions: Who is he? Where has he come from? Where is the origin of world in which he lives? Where does this world race with incredible speed?

If you, gentle reader, are plagued with similar questions, if you are not satisfied with the current explanations of the world arrangement, if you want to know more than conventional forms of social consciousness (science, philosophy, religion) can propose, read this small book. It will not take much of your time, but you will learn and understand the main thing that enables you look at the world and yourself with quite different eyes.
There is no mysticism, no fiction, and no fantasy in this book. It contains only descriptions of that existing in reality, a reality multileveled. The main purpose of this work is to introduce a nontrivial world outlook to a wide audience, to the general public.

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About the Author

The author of this book is a Ph.D. and former employee of scientific research organizations and institutes. He constantly traces development of philosophical thought as well as advances in science and technology. This manuscript is a product of many years of observations, analysis, and synthesis of large amount of material accumulated in the course of human activity. This book did not appear suddenly, and not immediately. First guesses and ideas, concerning essence of evolution and world arrangement, came over 30 years ago and since then the author reflects on it regularly.