I have just read ‘Conscious of Guilt’ the first book written by Roger Boutwell. I found this to be a fast moving thriller with plenty of action and realistic dialogue. I am now waiting to read the sequel to ‘Conscious of Guilt’. I feel this author will go a long way and look forward to more of his books. – Ray Wall Burleigh Heads Australia

This is a fast moving gripping story packed with intrigue twists pathos and surprises. It has been well thought through taking the reader into the world of high society, down to the scum of the earth. This will hold the reader right up to the last page. I loved it and you will to!! What about Eric? I look forward to the next book! – Ron Norfolk Chelmsford, England

The violence in the early pages of “Conscious of Guilt” made me wonder if it was for me, but I persisted, and I am glad that I did. I found that I couldn’t put the book down. Its a fascinating story and very real because it’s well researched and told by someone who lived in the places of the books setting.

Jenny Pomeroy  Klemzig South Australia.

I’ve just finish reading “Conscious of Guilt” by Roger Boutwell, and was impressed by the fact this is a first novel. The premise is intriguing, the characters well drawn, continuity good, and the dialogue authentic. In fact,the ‘street language’ possibly makes this novel essentially a ‘mans book’ although many women, like me, will appreciate the realism, and focus,instead, on the psychological aspect. This is the most interesting part of the novel, as an ordinary, elderly pensioner, just pottering around minding his own business, is suddenly confronted by the murder of his only son and daughter-in-law. This event is the catalyst that wrecks profound changes in Eric’s psyche, as he plans his revenge. he is than ‘invited’ to carry out more vigilante justice, leaving the reader to wonder about his motivation, and wonder whether he is “conscious of guilt’. This novel is a bit different from the ‘run of the mill’, crime fiction, and one that leaves the reader with quite a bit to think about. A great read.     Jill.   Pacific Palms New South Wales.