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Born and educated in England but established permanently in Switzerland for fifty years, Nigel Patten has diverse strings to his bow. The author of five novels – one in French – and a 3-act play, he teaches English in a prestigious alpine boarding school that prepares the French baccalaureat. He directs and acts regularly in a theatre group (roles such as Higgins in MY FAIR LADY and Fagin in OLIVER). He is a keen cross-country skier and alpinist (Mt. Kilimanjaro twice, the famous GR20 in Corsica and the Appalachian Trail). For many years he spent the summer months sailing among the Greek islands, and has traveled extensively on all continents, driving to India and back and across the Sahara. Nigel Patten’s novels are set in different historical periods, but his greatest interest lies in developing a style combining poetic prose and the stream of consciousness.