Marc-MulloI’ve been a part-time writer for almost 13 years now. The title, “Poetic Potpourri”, is my first and only released print and digital book thus far. I’m hoping to release my next book, currently titled “Alphabet Soup”, which will be children’s poetry, before the end of 2014. As a person living with a disability (depression), and my mother having bipolar disorder, among other conditions, my daily life continues to be a struggle; however, I carry on as a true survivor as best as possible, given the circumstances that I’m faced with. I also have a father, and one sibling, a younger brother, as my immediate family, who thankfully still live nearby; with their continued love, support, strength, etc. Mental health and illness has basically affected me my entire life; but thankfully, I still had a fairly good childhood, through all of the good and bad times. Writing is indeed my passion and outlet to help release my inner thoughts and emotions, on a variety of topics, everything from my favourite genre, poetry, to the current world of climate change and global warming, which I also live with.

I enjoy other genres of writing as well, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature. I tend to do more writing than reading, believe it or not; however, they are really both one in the same, and go together like peanut butter and jelly. There is an endless supply of information in the digital world for authors as well, which for me can also be overwhelming, to say the least; but I also seem to manage that as best I can. As is said, “try try again”, which given my situation, is really all I can do. My future remains as bright as possible, despite everything else.

Mr. Marc W. Mullo, Self-Published Author, Books-R-Me, 1-807-767-3944 (home & work),