Rolling Thunder by L. Erik Fleming

About the Book

Welcome to Linh Thu, South Vietnam, where the enemy strikes the Americans nightly from just outside the base. Supplies are almost gone, and comfort and security are a fading memory.

Into the melee arrives a recently broken-hearted U.S. fighter pilot hoping to serve his tour of duty and go home, but that was before anyone knew he could speak the native language. Marine Captain Valentine Jordan must obtain the necessities of life from local merchants, and finds the beautiful Nga Nghin Do’i is only one who can help him.

He came against his will to fight in a war he didn’t believe in. She lived to make the lives of her fellow villagers easier and dreamed of a day when her country would be free. Rolling Thunder is a story of love conquering hate, pride and enmity in the worst of conditions, all during a fierce and bloody war.

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About the Author

L. Erik Fleming is an air traffic controller and flight instructor in Monterey, California.