Secrets of Aesperia, Book 1: Stratalia Conspiracy

by, Joshua N. York

About the Book

A world of magic, advanced technology, elves, aliens, demons, cat girls, dragons, ancient gods, dark secrets, wars, cosmic weirdoes and more.

One thousand years after the fall of the Rhulan Empire where the castle of Rhulan once stood now stands Stratalia. Hollia, the descendent of Gyro-Lee, the legendary hero who defeated Rhulan by turning her to stone has now released the ancient sorceress by accident. Together and with other companions they will seek out mysterious forces that threaten their world and unveil the Secrets of Aesperia.

About the Author

I have been crafting this world and its wonder for many years. Now I am sharing this fantastic place with the world. I hope to bring this world and its many amazing places and people to life for myself and others to enjoy from now on. You can look forward to the continued adventures of our heroines in Stratalian Ambitions and Secrets of Aesperia, Book 2 in the near future with your support.