Meet the Author

Author, James E. Strickling, Jr.

James E. Strickling holds degrees in electrical engineering and marketing. He is also a cum laude graduate in Interdisciplinary Studies (natural sciences, ancient history, philosophy). He is a former N.A.S.A. contractor and a former Member of the AT&T Technical Staff (now retired). He also taught mathematics for fifteen years at Georgia State University. Over the last forty years, his publications have appeared in both American and European interdisciplinary journals.

In Man and His Planet, Mr. Strickling presents an extraordinary critique of the creation-evolution controversy from the perspective of an unbiased observer outside both of the traditional camps. He contends that both are wrong, and he argues that an entirely new worldview is necessary to adequately understand the history of our planet and its inhabitants.

Strickling also deals at length with numerous mysteries and puzzles from antiquity that are recorded in ancient documents, the Bible among them. And he has shed a surprising new light on a number of ancient, and previously misunderstood, texts. His research and insight have led to numerous remarkable and original observations concerning Earth’s ancient past.