Yardbird USA by author Jack W. Cline was a real eye-opener. It was refreshing to encounter a lawyer with the ability to ‘tell it like it is’ and inject a little common sense into the situation happening in regards to the United State’s incarceration addiction. This book is extremely well-written and engaging. This book should be required reading for any form of education system that seeks to present history to any audience! The statistics here are exactly as mind-boggling as Jack W. Cline promises as he enlightens us on historic evidence of a selfish and control-centered society – otherwise known as “the greatest country in the world.” I whole-heartedly recommend this book to everyone who wants to hear the truth in an engrossing, evidence-packed, shocking and well-written manner! Who better to spill the beans about the U.S. justice and jailing system than a trial lawyer? I absolutely loved this book!

Reviewer: Emily Ann Jones-Parker