Beware, the Apostles Were Never Christians!

Beware, the Apostles Were Never Christians!
Chris Bapuohyele

For many Christians, the apostles of the Savior are the surest of people to enter Heaven. Of course, the Bible accounts on the faith of these apostles rightly give Christians this assurance.

Knowing this, every Christian of today’s countless denominations of Christianity, has become hopeful and very optimistic of being in Heaven, simply because he supposes the faith he professes is the same as the apostles professed in their days.

But there is a great contrast between the faith of the apostles and that of Christians. In fact, unknown by many of today’s believers in the Bible, especially Christians, the apostles were never Christians!

This was because Christianity—revealed to be nonexistent in the entire Bible—never existed before or during the days of the apostles, and so they could never have believed it for their salvation. And yet they are, as stated earlier, the surest to be in Heaven.

In Israel, where many Christians wrongly think Christianity emanated from, there is no evidence in its history, even during the era of the apostles, that any one person ever heard of this religion—Christianity—much more subscribed to it! So then, Christianity cannot be the saving religion!

We read in the English Bible that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22) and so, if indeed Christianity were the saving religion, Jews must have been the first to be saved through it, and then proceeded to teach it to Gentiles for their salvation too.

But this is not so! In fact, ever since the inception of Christianity in Antioch, outside Israel, Jews have had nothing to do with it as they see it antagonistic to their faith and salvation; and yet salvation is of the Jews?

The faith the apostles of the Savior subscribed to and professed for their salvation and eligibility to enter heaven is revealed in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures. Though this faith is somehow obscured in the English Bible—a so-called translation of the Hebrew Holy Scriptures acclaimed by Christians as their handbook or constitution—it nonetheless is found there, albeit, with difficulty.

Sadly, Christians who through centuries say they are bible-believers have not found this unique faith of the apostles that qualifies and enables these apostles to enter Heaven, so as to also be blessed by it!

That unique faith of the apostles is known as “HaDerech” in Hebrew or “The Way” in English. Saul of Tarsus, who was later to become an apostle of the Savior, said in his own words that the people he initially persecuted belonged to “this way” (Acts 9:2), and not to Christianity.

Later on, after Saul had persecuted these people for some time, he subscribed to this faith and joined those who professed it, he talked about it to Felix, a Roman Governor, saying, “But this I confess unto thee, that after THE WAY which they call heresy, so worship I after . . .” (Acts 24:14).

The entire verse of Acts 24:14 spells out in clear detail the substance of this faith of Saul which is called “the way”. The substance of this faith, he says, is all about the faith of his “fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets”. Clearly, these articles of Saul’s faith in “the way” are different from those of Christianity, all of whose numerous denominations are disobedient to “the law” and, therefore, are out of “the way”!

If Saul and the other apostles were obedient to “the law” and so would be in Heaven, why would Christians who are disobedient to “the law” (the same law which the apostles obeyed) suppose they will also be rewarded with the same Heaven?

How could anyone think Elohim, the Most High One, would do as to display both injustice and favoritism by rewarding disobedient Christians with Heaven together with obedient people of “the way”? Obviously, a great disappointment awaits all Christians in their quest to enter Heaven and hence my zeal and passion to warn the world: For no one Christian will be admitted into Heaven!!!

Besides all Christians disobeying “the law”, their beliefs are devoid of the wisdom of Elohim. For instance, all Christians believe in a Friday evening burial and an early Sunday morning resurrection of the Savior!

But this cannot be, since the Savior said before his crucifixion that he would resurrect from the grave after three days and three nights as proof of being the Savior-Son of Elohim (Matthew 12:40, Mark 10:34, Luke 9:22, and John 2:18-22). Well, can any being—Divine, angelic, or human—count “three days and three nights” from any Friday evening to the following Sunday morning as Christian clergymen claim they have been able to do?

All Christians are breakers of Elohim’s Sabbath law—a law which, when broken, attracts the death sentence (Numbers 15:32-35)! In this, Christians argue that they are living in an era of Grace, and thus, are so highly favored by Elohim that they can break His laws—which were originally written on rock with His finger in sparks of holy fire—even if the breaking of these same laws brought death to Old Covenant folks! Are Christians the spoiled children of Elohim?

Unbelievably, too much confusion exists among Christians about the permissible age for baptismal candidates, where and how to administer baptism, etc. Because of this confusion, the great ordinance of baptism, commanded by the Savior for obedience by all people desiring to enter his salvation, brings of no benefits to Christians.

Confusion also exists amongst Christians concerning when to observe the Lord’s Supper ordinance. As a result, the Lord’s Supper is now a BREAKFAST eaten daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, and thus revealing Christians as a disunited people, even though the Savior has commanded its celebration as a memorial of annual essence!

Many more differences and confused practices exist among Christians, making them complete aliens to the wisdom of the Creator. Should I tell what number of Christians will enter Heaven without the wisdom of the Creator in their faith and practices but depending on man-made Christianity? That number is zero, and this will be obvious to all on Judgment Day. Just beware!!

In conclusion, let me say that, the faith called “the way” is, in fact, the “the law” made clearer and more meaningful by the teachings of YESHUA HaMashiach—the Savior-Son of Elohim—and also become less cumbersome for obedience because some parts of it are deemed fulfilled, in and, by Yeshua’s sacrifice at Calvary.

May, all men know that it is the teaching of Yeshua HaMashiach on “the law” of Moses, together with the “prophets” and the entire New Covenant teachings, which constitute “the way”, obedience to which qualifies anyone to enter Heaven, and not what Christianity teaches. Shalom.

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