Author Bio

In my real name I write and illustrate children’s stories. Yet running parallel to this I have been interested in divination for a number of years, and the spiritual journey I went on inspired me so much, that this novel was the result. Why?

In a reading using the three methods mentioned, I foretold a suicide. Or at least, I should have. I saw it plainly enough, but only had the courage to hint at bad things happening. She (the customer) later told me that looking back at the letter I wrote explaining the results of the reading, she realised I was telling her of her husbands demise. I agreed and apologised for my lack of courage. I decided to stop doing readings, and subsequently felt that I had let the spirit world down. Then an idea hit me, as plain as the nose on my face. My purpose was to write about the readings, to show someone… maybe you, that this is the path you should take, and become a version of Mike Reeves. If it is you then I am truely in awe of what you might experience after reading my novel, I salute you.