Greanwold and the Mystery Cave by Michael J. Trigg

978-1-61897-466-2-MTriggCoverAbout the Book

This is the first in a series of Greanwold books incorporating lots of fun, magic, fantasy, and mystery.

Eight-year-old adventurer and seeker of treasures Keegan Clark is a junior Indiana Jones. He is guided to a very special and magical spot by kindly Mr. Shama, who is not quite what he seems (actually a wizard).

While at the spot, Keegan accidentally releases 12 Minosaurs (ancient miniature friendly dragons) and the vengeful wrath of their arch nemesis, Moa Constrictor, a creature as evil as the Minosaurs are kind.

Keegan is saved from the clutches of Moa Constrictor by the morphing Minosaur, Greanwold. The two become instant buddies and join forces to help the Minosaurs save themselves and the world from the evil plans of the Moa Constrictor.

Author Michael Trigg has an extensive background in children’s products and is working on his second Greanwold book. He is CEO of You N Me Productions Corp, a company developing animation for children. He conceived Greanwold ( for a children’s TV series and developed a feature film script. He has written the book and eight songs for Greanwold’s first CD.

He is now developing Greanwold “apps” and a full interactive website that will feature avatars, video games, contests and lots more cool stuff for kids ages 5 to 11.
Michael feels very strongly about the welfare and human rights of children worldwide and has created the Greanwold Foundation for Kids. One dollar from the sale of each Greanwold book will help children in developing countries.

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About the Author

Michael J. TriggMichael J. Trigg grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Visit the Greanwold Website for additional information.

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