Zyanya: Always and Forever by Greta Benavides-Adame

About the Book

A coming of age story like none other, Zyanya: Always and Forever is the first novel of a three-book series that takes place in a central Mexican rainforest. Uprooted from their city lives, two teens face terrifying danger, sorcery, magic and romance.

Zyanya is the name of a prosperous coffee plantation founded by the Alba family. Formerly a shaman, the late Alba’s heirs are chosen to bear and raise a child who will one day become the Great Shaman, thereby fulfilling a 550-year-old prophecy. Alba’s son and grandson reject their heritage, but the ancient prophecy’s time has come, and a powerful Shaman is needed to rise up against evil. The savior is Jairo, Alba’s great-grandson. Raised in Texas, 17-year-old Jairo is completely unaware of his legacy. Tabatha is a 16-year-old from Dallas, who is unhappily moving with her parents to the tiny village where Zyanya is located. She is angry to leave the big city and has a recurring dream about a boy.

See what’s in store for two young people who find themselves far from everything they understand, only to be thrust into dangers they cannot comprehend. Who or what is stalking them in the rainforest? View the Press Release

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About the Author

Greta Benavides-Adame was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She is married, has four grown children, and is a teacher in Giddings, Texas.