Until Death Do We Part by Angelica Deveraux

978-1-60911-924-9-ADeverauxCoverAbout the Book

Will their marriage last Until Death Do We Part? Angelica fights to save her marriage that is crumbling all around her. She has built a successful business, and what she believes to be a fairytale marriage. But a fly is about to enter the ointment in the form of her husband Kevin’s ex-wife.

Angelica is an architect and Kevin is a high-power attorney at a prestigious New York law firm. Their marriage has flourished and seems unbreakable, until the day there’s a knock at their door. When Kevin’s ex-wife comes back into the picture wanting to take Angelica’s place, it ignites fireworks and drama into their relationship that they have never before encountered. Between the scandals and attacks on their marriage, Angelica is ready to dish out her own form of justice on those who have made her life a living hell.

The events change Angela from a conservative, dignified woman into a desperate one seeking vengeance.

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About the Author

Angelica DeverauxAngelica Deveraux grew up in Louisiana and now lives in Houston. Her dream is to start her own independent record label, while still writing books on love and relationships.