Not a Life Recipe by Zoh Mvuyane

978-1-62516-770-5-ZMvuyaneCoverAbout the Book

Not a Life Recipe is not just another inspirational book, but rather a true reflection of life through the eyes of an ordinary person, who believes there is more to life that what we see in front of our eyes.

Certain beliefs and even the so-called “life fundamentals” are challenged. The author acknowledges that it is because of our backgrounds and the beliefs planted inside us that we are who we are today.

Not a Life Recipe consists of ten chapters that are independent, yet very dependent on each other. The writer shares her life experiences and what she has observed over the years, pointing out details that have made her view life differently.

Things we believe to be “life fundamentals” can sometimes prevent us from being who we want to be. The author dares readers to challenge these and not simply conform to the world’s standards and measures.

The three main fundamentals of life are deemed to be faith, love, and hope. The author believes that without these, life itself is doomed and the human race is without direction. The book also addresses how human beings need each other to survive and how we can learn from others’ experiences.

Each chapter ends with a poem with the emotions reflecting what was addressed in that chapter.

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About the Author

Zoh Mvuyane is an aspiring writer and poet who began writing in her early teens. Born and bred in rural-KZN, South Africa, she relocated to Durban to pursue a career in medical sciences. The writer and poet inside couldn’t easily be ignored, hence this book and many more to follow.