The Church (Is Not What You Think) by Yefulkay

About the Book

To many people, “Church” includes hundreds of different denominations or religions that disagree with one another in name, organization, doctrine, worship, and plan of salvation. Such a situation clearly constitutes division, not unity. Yet all the denominations claim to be Church of Jesus Christ.

If we really want to please Jehovah God, however, we must forsake what we want and practice what He wants.

This book seeks to answer most of the critical questions about the real meaning of CHURCH as recorded in the Bible. The book has also outlined divine revelation testimonies by some people.
Proverbs 2:6.

About the Author

MAXWELL KOBINA ACQUAH – (YEFUL) is a member of THE CHURCH OF PENTECOST – GHANA. He had his religious education training in Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies at the American Bible University (ALMI affiliate – Ghana Campus) and Abundant Life Ministerial Institute Cape Coast. He also holds a couple of religious certificates at Christian Broadcasting Network and World Bible School.

Maxwell started his Primary / Junior High School education at Philip Quaque Boys School (Government Boys School as was called in Gold Coast days) and continued at Cape Coast Technical Institute (Electrical Engineering), and Jukwa Senior High School (General Agricultural Science). He then proceeded to University of Cape Coast in 2007 to pursue Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (IC), and certificate in Computing. In addition he also holds Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Development, and multiples of Diplomas in Management at the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM – UK).

MATTHEW 6:33 – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

JOHN 14:6 – Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Additional Information

In this book I have explained what the Bible says about the meaning of the word CHURCH, characteristics of Christian and Non-Christian Churches, church membership, the purpose of the church, Church Governance or management and Administration, Church Conflict and resolution etc.

This book also answers critical questions such as: what does Jehovah God really think about the religious division that exists today? Does He want unity instead?

Who is Jesus and Who is Jehovah? Is the use of anointing oil and incense Biblical or not? Is ones saved ever saved (IS SALVATION CONDITIONAL OR NOT)? Are there any conditions to be a Church member? Is Church discipline Biblical or man’s idea (the difference between discipline and punishment); Things that differentiate true Christian churches; Can someone be called a prophet today; Are angels Gods; What is God’s true name; Is God one person; The Father of Jesus Christ is GOD; What difference does the doctrine of the trinity make? The authority and power in the name of JESUS CHRIST; What is Church growth; What would the Church of Jesus Christ be like without conflict? Can we ever fully understand everything in the Bible? (Isa 55:9, 1Cor 13:12); Can we at least reach correct conclusions about major doctrinal differences as a whole as individuals? (2 Tim 3:14-17); Should we be satisfied with the opinion of our teachers and pastors or our denomination’s “off icial” viewpoint if we have not done a thorough study ourselves? (Acts 17:11); Is a church a true Christian church if they do not believe that the Bible is the final authority for a Christian?; Can a church be a true Christian church if they do not believe that the Bible is the literal and inerrant Word of God?; With so many Bible versions available today, how do we know which Bible is the Word of God (versus Bibles that may ‘contain’ the Word of God)?

I hope you will be able to distinguish the chaff from the grains after reading this book. My intention is not to condemn any denomination or church but to point out practical doctrinal errors in Christianity today, so that we all may be conscious of the truth.

To understand Jehovah God, it is not necessary to find answers to every question that comes to your mind. Stay before Jehovah God so He can give you understanding through the Holy Spirit of what is important. The WORD was written by the Holy Ghost and it is spiritually discerned.

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Most Bible quotations were taken from the King James Version.

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