A Heritage of Courage By W. Thomas Richards

About the Book

New Installment in Mystery Series Continues Adventures of Three Cousins

A Heritage of Courage is the fourth novel in a dynamic series that follows the adventures of three beautiful cousins.

The girls, 19-year-old Jessica, 18-year-old Rhiannon, and 17-year-old Madeline, are caring for their grandparents’ estate while the couple is away. A sinister scenario emerges when they learn that their grandparents’ plane was shot down, and that their beloved relatives are lost in the Amazon jungle … with a drug cartel pursuing them! Rhiannon believes she has information that could help save them, and devises a rescue mission.

Will the girls be successful or will they end up in the same mess in which their grandparents have landed? The girls have A Heritage of Courage, but will bravery be enough to overcome all the odds?

About the Author

W. Thomas Richards is also the author of The Amazon Incident, Strange Things at Alice Springs, and Calamity at the Devils Door, all mysteries featuring the same young cousins chronicled in this book. He graduated from college with the help of the GI bill, and was a supervisor for the Denver Water Department, where he worked for 37 years. He then worked in the airline industry for 10 years before retiring. The author resides in Castle Rock, Colorado. View the Press Release.