Speaking Psalms by Welby MD

About the Book

This insightful book offers a tantalizing fictional journey through the first 30 psalms in the Bible. Speaking Psalms is the first book of five. Every uplifting chapter is a biblical lesson that will leave you wanting more.

The book not only teaches scripture and Christian values, but very cleverly illustrates them through light-hearted and entertaining Bible studies and short stories.

Fascinating book filled with faith, hope, and love.” Linda Vaughn, First Lady of Racing

I found the reading very uplifting, with it setting me in a place of peace and tranquility. So much so, I had to read it again!” Sandy Jackson, RN-BSN

Each chapter is a tantalizing and enriching Bible lesson all in itself. If you only read one chapter, God will use it to touch your life. Invigorating and stunning. Your life will never be the same.” Bill Wolsfeld, Wheaton College

Such a gratifying spiritual work to inspire my soul! Very, very inspirational.” JD Sarantakos, Mindfreak

There’s no longer any need to be confused over scripture. Speaking Psalms speaks in your language.

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About the Author

A Gulf War Veteran, Welby MD was raised in the Washington, D.C. area. He teaches Bible studies and occasionally preaches sermons at his local church. “My whole purpose is to spread the Word of God. Sharing His blessing and His love, I want to touch thousands of lives to bring people closer to Christ.”