Books by Vincent Shawn Augmon

Within Scope of Ascension: A Poetic Litany of Philosophies and Prose

Within Scope of Ascension is a poetic litany of philosophies and prose that addresses a wide range of subject matter on the human condition, from both the past and present. The book hopes to encourage readers to exercise freedom of independent thought, while aiming to inspire patience, tolerance, and acceptance of others feelings, beliefs, and expressions. It also presents a 300-year historical analysis of specific political, economic, cultural, and social agendas, and their distinct effects on the human condition from 1712 to 2012. The book was written to help forge a universal awareness that can fortify communications and ultimately empathy with one another across ethnic and racial boundaries. Vincent Shawn Augmon lives in New England. He works in the health care industry and moonlights as an entertainment promoter of comedy and music. He began writing at an early age and counts Malcolm X (Malik Shabazz El Hajj) as his inspiration to use the power of words to expound on his perceptions of reality. He hopes with his book of poetry and prose, titled Within Scope of Ascension, to convey hope and to broaden one’s awareness of life and the world’s conditions. He would like the book to establish a common ground throughout cultures and reach out to people to acquire information, overcome ignorance, and make everyone more aware. To accomplish this, he writes on eclectic subjects so his work may appeal to the world.