The Sixties Girl By Victoria Staat

About the Book

Brad Montgomery is a wealthy young man who works with his father in their national restaurant business. Brad is also a ladies’ man, and the ladies love him right back, especially a woman named Claudette.

Claudette thinks she will be the one to hook Brad for her husband. The two argue, and Brad goes off on a business trip in his classic Shelby Mustang to Huron Pointe, Michigan.

In The Sixties Girl, Huron Pointe is where Brad first meets Kit, a cute car hop at the ‘60s-style Lou’s Drive-In. Having lost her parents and her aunt and uncle in a car crash, Kit is raising her young cousin. When Kit gets a look at Brad and his Mustang, sparks fly. After Brad returns home to New York, Kit misses him so much that she visits him to resume their relationship.

Once Claudette sees what’s happening, she tries to break up Brad and Kit, but Brad realizes his true feelings, and won’t let Kit go. Does this romance between a rich guy and a poor girl have a chance?

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About the Author

Victoria Staat began writing books when she was fifty. She lives in Warren, Michigan, loves classic cars, and is now writing the sequel to this novel.