A Whisker Team Story By Valerie E. Lang

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Jet’s Day

Jet the Cat wakes up in his basket in the tree house and has breakfast with his three tree friends – Koala Bruce, Squirrel Chloe, and Possum Stella. Together, they’re known as The Whisker Team, a group that watches over the neighbourhood. When their jolly friend Kookaburra Stewie spots a boy who’s fallen off his bicycle, and is lying on the ground, The Whisker Team comes to the rescue! Will the animal friends be able to save the day? Can they join forces with the humans to help the boy?

Exhilarating and heartfelt, Jet’s Day: A Whisker Team Story will delight readers, young and old, who will revisit this imaginative adventure again and again. View the Press Release

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978-1-61204-533-7-VLangCoverFinders Are Minders

All aboard! All aboard! Come join The Whisker Team on Puffing Billy – the historic steam train located in the Dandenong Ranges – an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Australia.

Chloe the squirrel, Stella the possum, Jet the cat, and Bruce the koala like their healthy tomato and cucumber sandwiches. Chloe realises she lost her voice and searches for it amongst the gum trees in the park. She finds a wallet instead and gives it to a policeman.

With her reward, Chloe goes shopping in town and tries on funny things!

After a long day, The Whisker Team all pile aboard Puffing Billy and enjoy their tea with honey. Oooh! Oooh! The whistle blew every now and then on their ride home.

About the Author

Valerie E. LangValerie E. Lang lives in Melbourne, Australia. She works in a kindergarten and has found that children love learning about animals. This is her second book.