Life through the Eyes of a Hurricane: Doggie-Dog! by Tracy A. Spaine

About the Book

Hurricane is a loveable and energetic golden retriever who embraces life and all it entails, enchanting readers with his escapades as glimpsed through the eyes of a dog.

But Hurricane is not just any dog. His deep-felt empathy and compassion is evident in his life story, Life through the Eyes of a Hurricane.

Hurricane gives us a taste of what encompasses life for a dog, and forces us as humans to look beyond what we see as “just a dog” mentality to one of appreciation. Read about his compulsion with socks, the anxious and fearful moments as he waited to be chosen from his litter, and how he dealt with the death of an animal companion.

This engaging book shows the special relationship that Hurricane has built with each of his human family members, and the enjoyment he takes while accompanying family excursions to the mountains and waters of North Carolina.

Hurricane is an endearing God’s creature that welcomes life and all it has to offer. May we all learn to live life as completely!

About the Author

Tracy A. Spaine’s husband and son encouraged her to write about Hurricane and his antics in her blog. “They were welcomed with such delight that a few readers indicated I need to write a book.” She is a special education teacher near Raleigh, North Carolina.