Reviews Of Rats and Men

A Sci-Fi Thriller that Makes You Think
By Charles Asher on May 13, 2016
Format: Paperback

Of Rats and Men is a vivid piece of speculative fiction in the vein of Bradbury or Ellison, taking the circumstances of today and predicting a dark and frighteningly possible outcome. Given the proliferation of nuclear recklessness and popular malaise to environmental issues in the past few decades, Mr. Bombov’s premise— of a world overrun with highly evolved rats— rings with a just and allegorical caution, a condemnation of current practices in light of a slowly, but steadily, approaching future cataclysm.
The writing of the short story is sleek and penetrating, building an eerie and apocalyptic tone through evocative imagery and an underlying sense of dread. There is also a believability to the world itself— despite its fantastic nature. The tale is surely strange, definitely science fiction, but there is an immediacy and plea for humanity that rings out, steeping this bizarre future in an emotional context; and it is this raw emotion that truly draws the reader into the speculation and sci-fi elements of the story.

Mr. Bombov has proven himself a skilled craftsman and insightful mind with Of Rats and Men. The story is exciting and suspenseful, but also deeply intelligent, moral, and provocative. For fans of the genre— and for fans who like to wrestle with complex questions— this is the perfect book.

Interesting and well written story
By Brittany Tenpenny on September 7, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

Though brutal at times, Todor Bombov does a wonderful job at painting a vivid and horrifying picture of war using rats and machine guns. I recommend everyone read this if only for the fast-paced and well written prose!

Review by Pamela Jaye Smith

Of Rats and Men is a really creepy book, right from the first page. I mean that as a compliment. Author Todor Bombov taps right into our deepest primal fears and then multiplies them by hundreds, thousands, millions. Rats the size of sheep?! One shudders at the thought, again and again.

Bombov predicts an evolution of rats into a human-rat prototype and vividly describes the dark underground labyrinth of sewers where the rats evolve and reign. What can possibly stop them? Perhaps the ultra-intelligent Diogenes? The author imagines a really scary version of that millennia-old battle between civilization and the dark side when “Men had become captives of their own recklessness”. It doesn’t look like civilization is going to win this one.

Read Of Rats and Men at your own risk — and delight in the shivering fears Bombov projects from his pages to your mind. – Pamela Jaye Smith Mythologist, writer, international speaker-consultant, award-winning director-producer, and author of five books for media-makers. Founder of MYTHWORKS

Review by Réal Laplaine

An interesting but mildly terrifying idea

September 19, 2019

Of Rats and Men : The Last Man’s War, by Todor Bombov, is a bit of a terrifying read. Even though it is fiction, the very idea that mutation of a species, such as rats, caused at the hands of man, could result in an entirely new breed of humanoid-like rats, which then turn on humanity and wage a brutal war with the purpose of dominating the Earth. It’s an interesting read, quite short, but one that is filled with graphic action scenes as well as threads of philosophical interpretations which cast a light back on our own society and the mistakes we are making that could lead to such a debacle. The author’s style reflects his unique way of exposing the dark side of our culture through science fiction, which I think carries a good message.

Reviews of Socialism is Dead! Long Live Socialism!

Review by Charles Asher

In Todor Bombov’s cutting edge analysis and reevaluation of the principles and history of Marxism, Socialism is Dead! Long Live Socialism!, the author plumbs the particularities of the economic theory in the context of the collapse of the U.S.S.R, 21st century globalization, and changing human factors. Bombov offers both a critique of old systems, as well as a new, radical theory of possible future forms of governance. Taking this approach— clearly steeped in a vast knowledge of history, philosophy, economics, and political science— Socialism is Dead! Long Live Socialism! allows the reader to engage fully with the trajectory of Marxist theory, the distinctions between communism and socialism, and the possible future geopolitical map in an elucidating and productive way, helping those perhaps unfamiliar with Das Kapital to understand the seminal work and its application throughout history. Penetrating, powerful, and wholly revolutionary, Socialism is Dead! Long Live Socialism! is an essential text for this changing world.—Charles Asher

Review by Ray Simmons
Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite
Socialism is Dead! Long Live Socialism! The Marx Code—-Socialism with a Human Face (A New World Order) by Todor Bombov is not light reading. It is a serious book taking an educated and enlightened look at difficult and timely political and economic questions that the world needs to answer as quickly as possible. I like it. I think it is an important book. Hopefully, enough people will read it so that it can somehow make a positive contribution to the question of where we go from here. I feel we are at a junction in history and we need good people from all walks of life and every country on the planet to think hard about what kind of government and economic system we need to create a more just and equal society for the world. This is just one book, but it is a great step forward in the right direction.

To fully understand and appreciate Socialism is Dead! Long Live Socialism!, I suggest reading up on some basic government and political science books so that you at least know the exact meaning of the vocabulary involved. A lot of the terms are misused in the media and in everyday usage, and this causes a lot of misunderstandings. Therefore, I rarely talk politics with people who haven’t taken a few economics, political science, or history classes. If you have the background or you are willing to brush up in these areas, you will find that this book is well written, well organized, and offers useful information in a very complex area. Todor Bombov is worth the read.

Reviews of Homo Cosmicus

Reviews from Readers’ Favorite

Review #1 by Stephen Fisher

Review Rating: 5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review!

Reviewed By Stephen Fisher for Readers’ Favorite

Homo Cosmicus by Todor Bombov is a masterfully written science fiction adventure of epic proportions. The story begins in the night sky above Chile. Two soldiers are on sentry duty and they spot a strange illuminated craft. While they are trying to figure out what it is, it comes down closer and then hovers above their commander, Corporal Valdez. Suddenly he disappears and then appears five minutes later. The two beings tell them that they will be back. Corporal Valdez is trying desperately to figure out what happened to him. He claims that he was gone for five days, and has five days of unshaved stubble on his face to prove it. During the same night, there are more sightings. When Paulo Roberto is abducted, he meets the aliens that begin talking to him, answering questions, and teaching him about their ways with telepathic communication.

Mr. Bombov does a stellar job of taking this journey into an education for Paulo. The author’s writing describes the events and history of our solar system, including the earth. His writing was able to captivate and transport me into a universe filled with unlimited possibilities, where time and space and distance are achieved at unbelievable speeds. Paulo learns that this peaceful race of advanced beings has created their society where hunger, taxes, and monetary systems don’t exist. The pages of Homo Cosmicus just kept me enthralled throughout this flawlessly written novel. Todor Bombov’s writing was surprisingly brilliant and could easily rival the works of Robert Heinlein and H.G. Wells. His characters were very well developed and the story kept me engaged. I was entertained on all levels and will keep my eyes peeled for more works by Bombov. Homo Cosmicus is by far one of the best, if not the best science fiction story that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Bravo!

Review # 2: Review by Amy Raines

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Reviewed By Amy Raines for Readers’ Favorite

Ever wonder what the future would look like thirty years ahead? Paulo Roberto finds out the answers to that very question after being abducted by a highly advanced alien race and being returned thirty-four years later. The aliens that abducted him are so intelligent that they can fly and even use telepathy to speak to one another. When Paulo is returned, he looks much older than his actual age because time on Earth moves much faster than it does on Omeron, as star humans call Cygni 61. He soon discovers that not only is he very different, but so is Earth which is now resonating with technological advancements that make a person’s daily life much easier, healthier and safer. Even the Biosphere plans for the Moon had gone ahead in his absence and Paulo still dreams of going there. What will become of Paulo after being returned? Will he reach the Biosphere on the Moon as he always wanted? How will his life be affected by all he learned from the alien species now that he has been returned to a familiar yet different Earth?

Homo Cosmicus: A Science Fiction Novel written by Todor Bombov has a very interesting and unique plot that keeps the reader interested. I loved the characters and how they are defined with their own backgrounds that mold smoothly into the plot. I recommend Homo Cosmicus to anyone who loves a great science fiction story that takes alien abduction and earthly returns to a new level. Bombov has done a brilliant job at answering the timeless question of what Earth would look like thirty years in the future and I truly hope that Homo Cosmicus is not the end of Paulo and Dolly’s story.

Review# 3: Review by Christian Sia

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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

When Paulo Roberto first opens his eyes, he is disoriented, but the fact that he can still think reassures him that he is normal and alive. Then he begins to recollect about how it happened, the saucer, the mushroom-shaped device, the “knobby balloon shining with inky luminescent brilliance surrounded at the middle by a dark-red rim that didn’t seem to be connected in any way to the sphere.” He has been adopted. It is 1989, and he finds himself living far away from home amidst a rare breed and in a civilization that is stranger than that of humans, one in which people have advanced to a point where they speak without words and where they can fly. It is here that he will learn the secrets of the universe from four tutors. In 2023 he finally comes back home to Earth, gets married to Dolly and they set out on an adventure that takes them to the moon. What comes after that is thrilling.

Homo Cosmicus: A Science Fiction Novel by Todor Bombov begins with a vivid description of the setting in Chile and sets the pace for the author’s gift for imagery; one that illuminates the writing. My attention was immediately drawn by the description of the night in the northern region of Chile beneath the fathomless vault of heaven, the new moon and the crystal stars. The writing is filled with colorful images, even when the author writes about the star which the alien inhabitants occupy. Todor Bombov writes very well and his handling of character is impeccably good. The protagonist experiences conflict at different levels. Being kidnapped from one’s world is already a strong premise, but navigating a universe with unique laws and strange, intelligent beings makes it a phenomenal one, and the protagonist experiences this intimately. This is powerful science fiction storytelling with strong hints of the visionary.

Review# 4: Review by K.C. Finn

Review Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Homo Cosmicus is a work of science fiction penned by author Todor Bombov. Telling a sweeping narrative of the life of a single Earth man who goes on an incredible voyage, we meet student Paulo Roberto back in 1989. His abduction by aliens is not the cliché that many humans have come to expect; rather the civilization that takes him is already far, far advanced beyond our own. Paulo learns about energy and telepathic power, educated by a series of tutors who show him the evolution of the human race far beyond the stars. Upon his eventual return to Earth, Paulo makes incredible progress there and beyond the planet.

Author Todor Bombov has produced a hard science fiction story with plenty of consideration given to the development of the people of Omeron, and their incredible abilities. The narration is intriguing as Paulo discovers this new world, very unlike his native Brazil, and the description is delivered with an eerie atmosphere as these silent, angel-like beings go about their day. This is more of a concept-led novel than character-based, but Paulo is suitably developed for the discovery experience. The plot allows him to progress with his newfound knowledge and go through important life events of his own once he returns to something more like normality. Overall, Homo Cosmicus is sure to please hard-boiled science fiction fans looking for a new concept of the future to immerse themselves in, and alien abduction story fans who want a new twist on the genre.

Review by Réal Laplaine

Homo Cosmicus, by Todor Bombov, is a speculative and existential science fiction novel that takes a deeper look into the society and culture of our times. When a man is taken by an alien race visiting Earth, he soon discovers that his “captors” have no intent of harming him, but in fact, of revealing to him a higher order of society and existence, one that Earth can eventually become, where people are not shackled by conventional paradigms and are free to exercise their full, as yet, untapped potentiality. This is not a story with a lot of action. Rather, it paces quite moderately, with occasional thrills, but is largely focused on the experiences of one man who starts to see existence through new eyes, and who is then returned to Earth where he experiences the cultural shock of the two worlds. He must learn to adapt his sensibilities to things which have been revealed to him by the alien visitors. There are some excellent insights, dialogues and passages which take a look behind the curtain of our current culture, asking the important questions of “what if” and “why” and more. Homo Cosmicus is a philosophical and existential treatise, on a sci-fi platform, but in the end, one begins to wonder, how much of it is really science fiction, and how much of it is inevitability.