Children’s Books by Tiziana Ciccone & Franca Linardi

Taylor Stop Talking!

61ohDi5FWfLTaylor wasn’t always silent; in fact, she used to talk all the time. She told adventure stories and schoolyard stories, bus ride stories and supermarket stories. She invented fantasy stories, ghost stories, and dragon stories. And everything would have been fine if suddenly, and unimaginably, everyone hadn’t begged her, implored her, beseeched her, to please stop talking! And so she did. But having gotten what they wished for, her family, her schoolmates, her friends, and especially her Grandpa missed the magic of Taylor’s never-ending commentary on life. In a moment of quiet sadness, Taylor’s Grandpa is able to break the silence by imparting to her a piece of wisdom that restores both Taylor’s voice and her faith in herself. Tiziana Ciccone owns three private preschools in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. This is her fifth published book. “I wrote this story to encourage children to appreciate who they are despite what others may say or think.” Her next book is Tooth Fairy Trouble!

Wake Up, the Baby’s Coming

00001First Time Author’s Amusing Book Takes You on a Roller Coaster Ride to New Life Wake Up, the Baby’s Coming is the entertaining story of a couple who are trying to get everything together before the birth of their first child. The birth of a child is a miraculous event that is momentous for both mother and father. However, it can also be an incredibly hectic time. Wake Up, the Baby’s Coming is the hilarious account of this wonderful and frenzied experience. One night, Mommy and Daddy are sleeping peacefully. As the baby realizes it is too big for the womb, it cues its mother with a series of sharp kicks. After waking abruptly from her sound sleep, Mommy discovers that it is time to go to the hospital and frantically rouses Daddy.  The couple now face the chaotic task of gathering their things and traveling to the hospital. Upon arrival, the commotion does not subside as they prepare to give birth to a beautiful baby. However, after all is said and done, two have now become three in this extraordinary experience.

The Pancake Princess

3In the delightful tale The Pancake Princess, a young Princess is obsessed with eating her favorite food: pancakes. She commands the entire kingdom to eating nothing but! Eventually her parents, the King and Queen, order the Royal Cook to make new foods. The Cook follows the King’s orders and prepares 100 new dishes for the Princess to sample, but she doesn’t like any of them. Frustrated, the picky Princess travels to the local village in search of a new cook, but finds it deserted. Everyone except for one young boy has scurried into their homes, afraid of the Princess’ terrible wrath. Guess what happens when the boy stuffs his bologna sandwich into the Princess’ mouth! Will she like it?

No More Peanut Butter, Daniel!

peanutDaniel is a preschooler who simply won’t take no for an answer in his persistent quest to eat peanut butter. Daniel’s mother is always extra careful to make sure he eats foods that are healthy and safe. When his mother warns him not to eat peanut butter until he is older, Daniel just doesn’t listen! Putting aside his mother’s warnings, he sneaks a taste of the forbidden food and experiences an allergic reaction. No More Peanut Butter, Daniel! enlightens parents about life-saving measures and the increasing number of children with life-threatening allergies. Because the authors work with young children, they know that kids often do not understand why there are foods they cannot eat.

Lucinda, Queen of Everything

lucindaIn the wonderful new children’s book Lucinda Queen of Everything, it’s Lucinda’s birthday. Although her special day has brought her no cake, no attention from her mother and no respect from her baby brother, at least one thing has gone right: She has been given a beautiful cape with seemingly magical powers. What happens when Lucinda, unable to control anything in her life, suddenly becomes Queen of Everything? Follow her on her journey through a magical birthday land where she has all the power.