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Wawona Brotherhood: The San Jose State Campus Revolt

The quiet Eisenhower years followed by the radical anti-war years of the 1960s brought the formation of numerous activist groups across the nation’s college campuses. Surrounded by a town dominated by machine politics, red-necked bigotry and segregated off-campus housing, San Jose State University was no exception. The conservative, almost all-white campus was then home campus to Olympic boycotter Tommie Smith – and it had its share of black activists and white anti-war protesters.

As students became inexorably drawn into the common cause of campus radicals, a new society fueled by hope for the future became a rallying point for thousands of Bay area youths and their dreams. Author Timothy K. Fitzgerald records this surprising ‘coming of age’ story set in San Francisco’s Bay Area, and his experiences and those of other key figures during this pivotal time in history when color barriers were finally broken and the formation of a new brotherhood of comrades was underway. This is their story.

The story of the civil rights and anti-war activism that engulfed San Jose State University during the 1960s is still relevant in today’s world. Tim K. Fitzgerald’s work reminds all of us that the basic issues which divided our nation then – a questionable war in a foreign land and the fight for equality at home – continue to haunt our society.’’ — Jim Beall, Jr., California State Assembly, District 24

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Diamond in the Rough

Timothy K. Fitzgerald has been a community activist in San Jose for over 30 years. In his insightful new book A Diamond in the Rough, he reflects on America’s worst recession, which began in July 1981. Unemployment skyrocketed to 10.8 percent by November 1982 under the Reagan administration. Over 100,000 Americans lost their homes in 1982 and homelessness skyrocketed.

“Thirty years ago, I experienced America’s worst recession while recovering from a disabling illness,” Fitzgerald says. “As a young man in my 30s, I remember its dire effects. Today, in America’s Great Recession, almost 14 million Americans are jobless. We must avoid the failed policies of the Reagan administration and find new and innovative ways to lift Americans from our recurring slumps.”

A Diamond in the Rough is the second volume in Fitzgerald’s trilogy relating how he and others fought for much-desired urban renewal in San Jose during the 1970s and 1980s.  His next volume will be about his “Green Years.”

Fitzgerald is able to bring to life the hidden forces that create economic inequality in big cities in this volume how a rapidly growing city’s ambitious urban planning policy creates ‘economic apartheid.’ ” – Scott Wagers, founder, Student Homeless Alliance, Senior Pastor, CHAM Deliverance Ministry

The Pursuit of the Dragon Fly

Tim Fitzgerald’s unusual ‘rags to riches’ trilogy concludes in this volume, finishing his three volume study of the social history of the working class of the San Francisco Bay Area and the lot of the working poor and disadvantaged throughout the Cold War era of the 20th Century. Reading like historical novels, Fitzgerald plies his craft of creative non-fiction deftly, using detailed description of poverty in America as he knew it. This work turns on an unexpected and clever climax as the author champions four crusades he led in the 90s.

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Tim Fitzgerald has fought demons for years. His struggles reflect upon the problems with US mental health and legal systems which categorize sick people as criminals who are denied the medical care they deserve. Tim’s struggle reflects one man’s attempt to find meaning and redemption by self-education.” – William Schwent, Songwriter and Poet

As Tim knows, I have never agreed with his frequent forays in electoral politics, and I think he greatly overstates the political significance of the California Green Party in this third volume of his memoirs. Despite this, and other tiresome expressions of self-importance, the integrity of his lifelong battle for dignity and justice shines through like a beacon. His emotional honesty is breathtaking. It is truly an important contribution to what he calls “a social history of the working class.” – Sandy Perry, Outreach Minister, CHAM Deliverance Ministry

“… Tim Fitzgerald and I worked fairly closely on our memoirs in Mammoth Lakes, but I couldn’t tell… when Tim was often forcibly constrained by mental health services, [just] whose vested interests were at stake… Now, in [Pursuit of the Dragon Fly], Tim reveals the differences between personal problems and bureaucratic self interest.” – Peter A. Berardo, PhD, Scientist and Author

Tim Fitzgerald was a ‘late bloomer’ whose contribution to the community did not [truly] begin to shine until he broke from established tradition in the 90s and thereafter…” – John Lindauer, Economist Chicago

978-1-62212-549-4-TFitzgeraldCoverThe Addendum: Thy Will Be Done – A Spiritual Revival and Awakening – The Quest: Volume Four

For a student of political history or human nature, whether moored to the right or to the left, Tim Fitzgerald’s works, culminating in this final volume, are enlightening. They tell the very real story of a man determined to find himself, to be at peace with his own mind, and to make a difference in the world. From his middle-class childhood to his soaring successes scaling the unconquered heights of Yosemite’s granite, Fitzgerald captivates the reader with stories of ambitions realized and dreams pursued.” – Rico Oller, Former California State Senator

Haunted by the judgments of the American medical profession through their regulation of the mentally ill and the autocratic psychiatric professionals in his life, Fitzgerald finds himself face to face with supernatural forces that test both his beliefs in God and his religion. His spiritual juggernaut now takes him on a mythic journey, or ‘Quest’, in his efforts to master the written and spoken word as a professional author and lecturer.

Consumed in this phase of his life with the incredible story of a simple man who turns a listening ear to the still, quiet voice of his spiritual conscience, only to discover it may well be the manifestation of a troubled immortal soul. He finds he as yet has untried gifts that may spell great hope for mankind itself and promise a final successful realization to his pursuit of truth and justice all through his life.

Concluding though man may have shaken his faith in the purpose of the creation, God did not let Tim Fitzgerald down—nor, ironically, had his earthly father who raised him. Moreover, though abused at times in life by circumstances of fate, he still insists on seeing the good side of human endeavor, not man’s pathological determination to erect his civilization on a foundation of sand. This work stubbornly chronicles his inner world of the soul, and its manifest drive to awaken spiritually, as well as mentally and morally.

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About the Author

Timothy K. Fitzgerald has taught social science at community colleges in California. He graduated from SJSU in the 1970s, majoring in U.S. history and economics. He is now completing a third master’s degree in philosophy.