“Artist Tim Anthony makes a compelling literary-slash-art homerun with his book, ‘Lost Ties: A Journey by Image’. A veritable feast for the senses, the book is at turns exceedingly provocative and deeply intriguing.

Made up of three major sections, the art works in ‘Lost Ties’ are spiritually connected by one theme: the Second World War, and all the emotional pathos that it exudes. From another approach, as the author himself states, the images are based on a screenplay about the Second World War, and how the war affected the lives of five sisters and their father who was forced to take part in Germany’s biological warfare.

Most of Anthony’s images are deeply intriguing—they would have been perfect mounted on the canvass and displayed in my living room. Alternatively, with Anthony’s immense talent in the visual arts, he could also use ‘Lost Ties’ to introduce his art works to prospective art dealers or purchasers. Among my favorites include “Conversation”, “Lady in Wait” and “Free Spirit Sister”.

Also worth commending are the verses or poems that accompany some of the images. “Tree Hollow” gave me goose bumps with its evocative imagery and emotional gravitas. “D-Day” is utterly poignant and could actually bring tears to your eyes. And “Last Call” is a grand, sweeping emotional rollercoaster of sorts that will leave you looking wistfully out the window. And of course, not to miss are the author’s writings—Anthony elucidates about his process, his artistic method, and the personal history that fuels his art and craft.

As I’ve said, ‘Lost Ties’ is a well-rounded showcase of artist Tim Anthony’s many talents—whether it’s literary or visual arts, Anthony nails it. In any case, the book is a rare, endearing experience, one that haunts you days after reading it. Order a copy of the paperback version today, and display it in the living room coffee table, and I’ll bet you’ll have a rich conversation with friends over the book. Five stars for this one.

You can buy a paperback version of the book for only $9.99 at”
Meghan R