Sentinel of Truth: Gourgen Yanikian and the Struggle Against the Denial of the Armenian Genocide by Tigran Kalaydjian

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Sentinel of Truth provides a gripping account of the assassination of two Turkish diplomats in California in 1973 by an aggrieved septuagenarian survivor of the Armenian Genocide, and explains how a study of the global campaign against Turkey’s denial of the genocide cannot but include the killings carried out by Gourgen Yanikian.

By describing in detail the effects these and subsequent acts of militancy had on the consciousness of diasporan Armenians, author Tigran Kalaydjian sheds new light on the activities of the tightly-knit group of people that is spearheading the drive for a comprehensive redress of the human rights disaster of 1915 and elucidates the many facets of the Diaspora’s decades-long struggle for justice. “Highly recommended for anyone interested in the Armenian people, 20th century history, United States jurisprudence, the triumph of the state over the individual and the paucity of morality in modern-day politics; also, for the general reader, as an informative and heart-rending factual account of a little known chapter in European history.” Michael J. Hunt, author of Matabele Gold and Two Days in Tehran

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About the Author

Tigran KalaydjianTigran Kalaydjian, a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, is a businessman, writer, activist and grandson of Armenian Genocide survivors. He is also a Board member of the Kalaydjian Foundation, a philanthropic organisation based in Cyprus. He resides in Larnaca, Cyprus, with his wife and two children.