About the Book

In this sci-fi adventure of a lifetime, an archaeologist discovers more than he bargained for on the planet Mars.

Set 40 years into the future, The Archaeologist Reborn begins in North Carolina, and ends with some astounding adventures and discoveries on Mars. John Cayman is a young college professor teaching a graduate course in interplanetary archaeology. His lifelong dream is practicing his science on Mars, but gaining support from his university and the U.S. government has been difficult. After John experiences a frightening brush with an alien spacecraft, he is allowed to finally work on Mars.

There he discovers a domed city filled with humans of varying race and ethnicity with incredible technology at their disposal.

But fate has much more in store for John, as The Archaeologist Reborn encounters other Martian life forms and is truly reborn in another world.

This is the perfect book for sci fi book lovers and those who are new to science fiction novels.

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About the Author

First-time author Thomas E. Martin is a retired engineer and Vietnam Veteran. He lives in White Pine, Tennessee.