Jackpot: The Story of Eugene Bulgarino by Tarvis El Alberty

About the Book

Delve into the intriguing psyche of a one-of-a-kind criminal in Jackpot: The Story of Eugene Bulgarino.

Author Tarvis El Alberty takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the world of a unique Robin Hood-type of hustler, Eugene Bulgarino, whose schemes were humorous at their the core. Eugene was a key figure in the largest slot machine casino heist in history. Along with his accomplice – a man the FBI named “The Genius” – Eugene took Las Vegas for millions.

Jackpot: The Story of Eugene Bulgarino covers Eugene’s early years and his gift for hustling, which eventually caught the attention of noted Mafia associates and union bosses. Eugene became a stand-up man and was known as “one of the best” sports handicappers of his time.

Eugene’s infamous reputation, covered by various television shows about mob criminals, is legendary, as Jackpot reflects in its engaging, informative and riveting pages.

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About the Author

Tarvis El Alberty is a commercial truck driver, screenwriter, and independent film producer. He enjoys history, poetry, and current events, and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He began writing ten years ago, and is currently working on various screenplays, film and book projects.