Gold Digger by Tara Anderton

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Three extremely different and independent women – a Gold Digger, a reporter, and a high society princess – become enmeshed through a whirlwind of lies, cheating, and betrayal.

From Wichita Falls, Texas, to the golden beaches of California, to bustling New York City, we see Bridgette’s orchestrated rise from rags to riches, Angie’s pursuit to achieve her dreams of becoming a top reporter at The New York Times, and Elizabeth’s extravagant existence as daughter to one of the richest men in America and the wife of millionaire mogul Adam Pain.

Bridgette longs for a life of luxury and a man to provide it. She is discovered by Playboy, meets a producer, and starts a relationship. She moves on to the owner of numerous law firms, and then goes after Adam Pain, Elizabeth’s husband. Bridgette falls in love with him, but it ends badly. She meets Grant, yet another millionaire, but later resumes her affair with Adam.

Elizabeth is well aware of Bridgette’s affair with her husband. She conspires to expose Bridgette to Grant, hoping that she will lose both men. Instead, Bridgette winds up on the arm of an even richer man, Paul. Is this her fairy tale ending?

Angie, Bridgette’s childhood friend, has always dreamt of being a reporter for The New York Times and her hard work pays off. When she is assigned to write an exposé of Bridgette, a woman who has clawed her way to the top, will Angie be the one to bring her down?

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