Crystal Haven: A Safe Place for Zoë by Tammie L. Smith

About the Book

Young Zoë experiences a magical adventure when she tries to discover why her mother had to leave home. Set in the lovely green hills of Ireland and lovingly illustrated by Jenny St. Pierre, this delightful children’s story follows Zoë as she embarks on a journey into the unknown at Crystal Haven.

Zoë has many exciting adventures as she seeks answers, making new friends who show her a magical land. What surprises are in store for her?

Author Tammie L. Smith hopes the messages in her books will help children solve their daily problems. She is inspired that her own children will always have “a piece of me in the books I write.” She loves to see kids’ eyes light up when they read her tales geared for ages 6 to 10.

About the Author

Tammie L. Smith is the mother of three. She lives in Annapolis, Missouri, and is inspired by her family and the motivation to leave a lasting message to her children. She is writing the next book in the Crystal Haven series, The Adventures Within.