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Tales of the Dragonfly Book II:  In Flight offers a healthy dose of self-reflection and romance that everyone who has ever loved and lost will enjoy.  Ferguson manages to capture all the emotions of the characters as she tells a story about someone who has come back home for one purpose and discovered that surprises lurk around every corner. Between the romance and suspense of murder, readers will have something to turn the page for from the get-go, all the way to the end             —Writer’s Digest Book Awards

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Tales of the Dragonfly  Book II:  In Flight5star-shiny-web

A brilliantly written, compelling, and fast-paced story with the sheer ability to completely captivate your mind and draw a real connection with the character. Each page of the novel is filled with drama and adrenaline racing action with characters that are truly believable and a plot that feels real. Tamara Ferguson produced a perfect fusion between the dark and light sides of the plot to create a novel with a flawlessly balanced reading thrill that feels like riding on a roller coaster in a perfect breeze, but at twice the normal speed—5 stars—Faridah Nassozi for Reader’s Favorite 

A heart stopping romance and suspense novel about two individuals who are perfect for each other but their past relationships stand in the way of a lasting intimacy.  With the author’s creative writing style, events unravel smoothly and at just the right pace.  The character development is excellent. The blending of romance and suspense is quite successful, too, so that it is an effort to put down the book without reading until the last page in one sitting—Maria Beltran for Reader’s Favorite

Tales of the Dragonfly, set in a lovely Wisconsin lake town, includes a host of characters, from the ordinary to the unusual. In it, Tamara Ferguson has presented a story of intrigue, mystery and love.  Readers will urge Sam on as he rushes to solve the mystery before harm might befall his beloved PennyPatricia Reding for Reader’s Favorite