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Milky Saves Christmas

Milky Saves Christmas is the heart-warming tale of how one great-grandfather helped Santa save Christmas.

Emily and Bobby just love to visit their great-granddad and hear his adventures when he was a milkman. One year, he and his magical milk-float, Milky, helped Santa Claus save Christmas. In gratitude, Milky was given a special gift from Santa, allowing him to become a super hero called Superfloat. Great-granddad insists the story is true, and describes the milk-floats, the talking trucks, and the singing milk bottles!

Twenty years later, when great-granddad passes away, a strange assortment of characters show up for the reading of his will. When Emily and Bobby visit the cottage they inherit from him, they are in for a big surprise! Press Release

9781612047249-Perfect.inddThe P.U’trid and S.Pooky Pickles Company

Never cross a witch! In the witty book for children and adults, The P.U’trid and S.Pooky Pickles Company, the unfortunate Jim Fitz is caught attempting to steal from three witches.

At the witches’ home on a snow-covered island in the Thames Estuary, Jim is apprehended by the evil witch Mdm. Creep Fungus, as he searches for their treasure hidden in the Chest of Vulcanus. After the witch casts a spell on him, two other witches, Phlegmella U’trid and Smogmella Pooky, fly away into the night to distance themselves from Mdm. Creep Fungus and her evil ways. The two witches buy a farm where they start a pickle factory, and in the process, secretly integrate witches into the mortal world.

Four centuries later, Angela and Tom U’trid find themselves at the farm and pickle factory of their ancestors. Join Angela and Tom as they meet their aunts, Phlegmella and Smogmella, and learn the truth about their heritage in this fun-filled novel.

About the Author

Stuart A. SoperStuart A. Soper grew up on Canvey Island in Essex, the island where the book starts. He is currently travelling full-time in the U.K in his motorhome named Mini the Moho. This is the first book in a series.