We Are the People of This World: Book One By Sr. Stella Santana

About the Book

Wouldn’t it be a boring world if everyone was the same? This wonderful children’s book will open your eyes and your hearts.

In the first of a series of books about diversity, We Are the People of This World: Book One tells the story of Lucy, a little girl who believes the world would be better off without a variety of people. She disagrees with Akule, a girl in her class who keeps reminding Lucy that the world is a better place with variety and diversity in everything, including people.

Akule teaches Lucy that it’s good to be different, while Lucy comes to appreciate the beauty in a wide assortment of plants, animals, and people. Their teacher lets the students sing the song We Are the People of This World, which makes each child feel like an important part of the group, even though each is different.

About the Author

Sr. Stella Santana grew up in Uganda and Kenya, and is now a teacher in Indianapolis. She wrote the song We Are the People of This World and developed it into a book to teach children about the beauty of diversity. “What I know for sure is that if something needs to be changed for the better, the easiest way to begin is with children.” She is now writing the sequel.

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