Miracles Love a Believer by Stacy Manning Casaluci

Casaluci Cover WebAbout Miracles Love a Believer

This fantasy adventure takes you around the world and back with a princess! The delightful new children’s book Miracles Love a Believer tells the story of Princess Cirina Marie and Moondancer, her stuffed horse who comes to life.

Princess Cirina Marie lives with her father and mother, the king and the queen, in a castle on the Island of Dreams.

After the princess’ guardian angel comes to her one night at bedtime, the princess is told that “anything you imagine can become more than a dream.” So off go the princess and Moondancer on a high-flying adventure to see the world.

Casaluci Web PicAbout the Author

Stacy Manning Casaluci always loved reading bedtime stories to her children. In this story, she says, “My daughter is the princess, Cirina Marie.” Her interest in horses began when she was a girl in Oklahoma, where she showed Appaloosas. She’s been a dance instructor for children and performs in musical theater. The author now lives in Palm Desert, California, and is working on the sequel.