The Right Person

Confronts issues in an honest and real way…
This book does an amazing job capturing the “realness” that is the adolescent experience. It lays the foundation for parents to start talking with their children about the issues they will inevitably confront in their futures. It is enjoyable, engaging and written in a way that seems pure and honest. The religious overtones are faith-based versus advocating for a specific denomination which makes this book accessible to all. As a practitioner, I am exploring using this book to help guide my clients and their families make sense of what goes on around them. I am eager to read the other novels in the series.

Great Read!
While reading this Book I was taken back to my senior year in high school, remembering all the mistakes and the good choices I’ve made that year. Montgomery Lake will make you remember your high school days and how it was those days that made and mold you into the person you are now. Ever chapter brings in new challenges and new frustrations as you which you can actually go in to the book and say “what are you doing?!!!”. I couldn’t put the book down and every time I finally did I couldn’t wait to pick it up again. You always want to know what happens next!
The characters are easy to relate, you find yourself liking some and hating some,then there is one that reminds you of yourself. For me it was Julianna. Everything she went through brought back so much memories of my life. I know that if you read this book it will remind you of the lessons you’ve learned and it will make you learn most of them all over again.

I recommend this book to anyone, who wants to learn and grow, even though it is High School and the story is more for High School kids, there is still something that you can take, no matter how old.
Most importantly I know that this book and the series will help young teenagers to be conscious of their choices and who they spend their time with. I know that this book will help so many to be able to face High School and also life with wisdom.

Stacy’s story will stay with you for a while after you read it, the lessons and the experiences you will get from the book will stick with you.

Characters well developed.
Well this is a book that I received for review a few months back, it has set in my TBR pile now for awhile as I never found time to get to it. But now that I have read it I can only say that I wish I had gotten to it a lot sooner. I found myself completely attached to this book, I was literally not able to put it down. I would stay up to all hours of the night trying to finish it so that I could find out what was going to happen next.

The characters are well developed, and completely believable. I was transformed back to my high school days, I felt a real connection with Brain as I found myself to be more like him. I was able to relate to all of the characters as I found myself and my group of friends in each of the characters. I found myself wanting to cry as I read some of the obstacles that these teens have to go through, to learn the difference between right and wrong.

Not Just for Teenagers
So I read this book in one sitting. It took me about 2 hours. Perhaps I couldn’t put it down because it made me feel 15 again. Not a bad feeling. I’m passing this book on to some of my younger cousins, nieces, and nephews. It’s definitely a good read for any kid about to enter high school, or one who is in high school. I enjoyed it, and I’ve been out of high school for quite a while… not to age myself. Anyway, two thumbs up!

Looking Forward to Montgomery Lake #2
This story brought me right back to high school – the good and the bad. Experiencing this story from so many different characters perspectives made it play like a movie in my mind. It was difficult at first to keep all the characters straight, but as the story continued and the plot further developed, I found myself relating to the characters personally. I felt like I was with Courtney and Bryan beneath the staircase! I could feel Chris’s disappointment when he could not come to rescue Courtney at Jason’s. I felt Alyssa’s humiliation and pain as her friends did not stick up for her. I also felt the “emotional bomb” (as Courtney said) that Chris dropped on her. I did not expect the twist ending. Looking back I can see some hints, but hindsight is always 20/20.

I recommend this book to any adult kid (like myself) who is young at heart, and to any kid that wants to read about what high school is really like. Parents – this book sends a positive message to kids about faith, integrity, and the importance of abstaining from drugs and alcohol.