Novels By Stacy A. Padula

Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person

padChris Dunkin and his close friends have lived lives of excessive partying since age twelve. At fifteen, Chris is drinking more often and trying heavy drugs to keep himself high—but his dream of becoming a professional athlete is slipping away as quickly as his grades. Chris feels empty inside, bored with the partying scene, and incredibly attracted to Courtney Angeletti—his best friend’s girlfriend, the mayor’s straight-laced daughter.

Courtney is equally intrigued by Chris’ “life of the party” reputation, and her hidden desire to rebel leads her and Chris on a quest for more than just romance.

This story of teenage acceptance and the resulting battle over moral convictions will hit home with many teens looking for answers.

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Montgomery Lake High #2: When Darkness Tries To Hide

As the skies grow darker and darker over Montgomery Lake High, not everyone takes the severe storm warning seriously. A day later, Andy Rosetti—the popular class president—is in a coma, and his classmate Jason Davids feels responsible for the tragedy. As Andy’s friends and family cope with the aftermath of the storm, Jason and his friends set out on a quest to save Andy’s life. Stopping at nothing, Jason begins to see that there are forces stronger than nature at work in Montgomery—and more than one life in need of saving.

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Montgomery Lake High #3:Battle For Innocence

Padula Cover WebWithin a dimly lit hospital room, Chantal Kagelli peers at her boyfriend Andy’s blank face. It has been one month since he slipped into a coma—one month since she last heard his voice. Chantal begins reflecting on their journey, which began two years prior in seventh grade.

bat·tle [bat-l]

1. A hostile encounter or engagement between opposing forces
2. A fight between two persons or animals
3. Any conflict or struggle

in·no·cence [in-uh-suhns]

1. The quality or state of being innocent; freedom from sin or moral wrong
2. Freedom from legal or specific wrong; guiltlessness
3. Simplicity; absence of guile or cunning; naiveté

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The Forces Within

000002Last month, when a tornado wreaked havoc on my hometown, I suffered a severe head trauma. I have since experienced something much more disturbing. During my recovery celebration, I came face to face with a force more powerful than any weather phenomenon, something darker than I ever dared to imagine.

Twice this past month, I woke up in a world that I did not recognize. I heard things that didn’t align with my memories; things that made me question my identity, my beliefs, and my own thoughts. I still cannot fully comprehend what happened to me or distinguish reality from illusion.

Am I, perhaps, discerning an additional dimension of life that I was too blind – too jaded, too scared – to see before?  Could the forces within these two worlds exist as one?

I’m determined to solve this mystery and gain all of the insight that I can from the haunting enigma that has recently become my life. – Andy

The Aftermath

00001For the past two years, Jason Davids has lived a charmed life. Blessed with good looks, a popular girlfriend, quick wit, and a wealthy family, Jason has everything he could want–but everything is not enough. There is emptiness–something unsettled in his soul. Partying, drugs, sex, and alcohol provide temporary relief, but the haunting emptiness always returns once he is sober. He can’t stand being sober. When a tornado strikes his town, Jason’s drug dependency puts one of his classmates, Andy Rosetti, in danger. After Andy is taken away on a stretcher, the guilt and regret that Jason feels lead him to a paradoxical place of darkness and illumination. There is more than one life at stake in Montgomery.