Normal By Day by S. Ritter

978-1-62516-277-9-SRitterCoverAbout the Book

I’m rather leery in the night
Of things that hide from the light
I try to keep those things at bay
Till they become Normal By Day

Normal By Day is a gripping, suspenseful and frightening novel about a seemingly normal guy. His dark side is an entirely different story, and is revealed as his evil acts strain his life and relationships. Join Steve Striker as he becomes an enforcer for the Chicago mob, battling his desire to please both sides of his complicated life.

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About the Author

S. RitterS. Ritter grew up in Minnesota and built log homes for many years. He brought portions of his life into creating this book. In 2007, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was unable to continue the career he loved. Wanting to remain creative, he began writing. His project of completing one book soon developed into a thrilling trilogy.

The artwork on the cover was created by a good friend of the author, Rachel Mann, also known as The Breeze. She lives in England and suffers with Parkinson’s disease. Although its effects can be very difficult, her tenacity to create thought-provoking paintings and poems remains. The author is honored that she agreed to design the covers for all three of his books.