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Breaking Loose: An Australian Story

This story will enthrall you, as you follow Sophie’s life from the time she was four years old. Then, she lived in a small Australian town situated on the edge of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland during World War II, when the country was threatened with an invasion from Japan.

Her father arrives home from the war in 1945 and the family moves to Surfers Paradise, a relatively new beach town. All the while, her older brother, Bruce, has spent most of his time “locked away” in boarding schools.

The family moves again to postwar Brisbane, where Sophie settles in, is mature for her age and shows entrepreneurial skills. She enjoys her life there until her resentful brother suddenly arrives home to stay. The family dynamics change drastically, especially when her father takes a job in the South Pacific.

While giving a colorful overview of the post-war era in Australia, Sophie shares the things that molded her character and turned her into a free-thinking and independent woman. View the Press Release

The Power of Feng Shui

An extraordinary series of events, triggered by a touchstone of Feng Shui, took place after one consultation with a Feng Shui master in Sophie’s home where she ran a business.
When Sophie combined the three different career paths she had been traveling – nursing, art, and business – into one, she went from rags to riches by the age of 57. However her childhood values were placed on the back burner, and her new incredible lifestyle left her wanting.

This story of personal triumph and persistence will enthrall you as you discover, like Sophie, the meaning of true fulfillment – no matter what the situation. You’ll see the magic and meaning of the word “re-arrange” and how it affects all levels of your life. After her trapped energy was unblocked, her way of thinking, life, customs, and country changed. The story begins in Sydney, moves through Hawaii, Newport Beach, New York, and ends in Dubai.

From practical advice to the bigger picture of unseen ongoing influences, this story is the bridge between thinking about change and making it happen. It becomes an enchanting love story which replaces a non-existent love life, and will give you the knowledge to step up to a fuller, richer way of living… if you choose to do this.

Apart from demonstrating the art of applying Feng Shui works, this story is incredible, funny and true!

Journey of the Mind

Sophie Boswell’s Journey of the Mind is a superb anthology of inspirational musings. The author was a free-spirited wanderer for five years.

From a love song written in Hawaii to finding her soul’s voice in Boston, her verse beautifully encapsulates the sights, sounds, colors, breath, and imagery of a poetic artist.

Exposing the ordinary as extraordinary, Boswell’s words have a melodic and rhythmic cadence. Nature, people, places, lovers, and the intangible are subjects of her poems. With graceful finesse, she lays bare her soul’s understanding of the laws of nature and its infinite possibilities.

Escape the mundane and enter an incredible world of thought that translates into a delicately orchestrated and graceful symphony for the spirit.

Boswell’s melodic memoir is to be savored slowly, with introspective and emotional sincerity. Her words are offered as jewels for the spirit.

About the Author

Australian born, Sophie Boswell now lives in America where she writes full time. Her childhood memoir Breaking Loose: an Australian Story will be released soon. She is currently working on Twin Flames, the sequel to The Power of Feng Shui.